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Pennsylvania Gold Star Family license plate

House Bill 2498 has passed the PA Assembly and was signed into law by the governor on Oct 4, 2006 as Act 117 of 2006. 

Use form MV-912 (it may take several seconds to appear) to apply for the Gold Star Family license plate but read this information before filling in the form.

  • You may fill in the form on line (it's neater) but you must still print it out, sign it, and send it in with your fee.
  • A wide range of relatives qualify for the plate (see the form). You may want to print several copies of the BLANK form for them before filling it out on line for yourself.
  • You may apply for multiple plates for all your vehicles as long as a registered owner qualifies as one of the listed relatives of the service member.
  • You do not need to wait for the renewal of your existing plate. The new GSF plate will replace your current plate when you receive it.
  • Your loved one need not have died in combat. Only death while on active duty is required.
  • The plate is not restricted to relatives of the recent conflicts. If you are a qualified relative of someone that died on active duty in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Beirut etc., you can apply for the GSF plate.
  • If you qualify for the plate, you should also qualify for the Gold Star Pin supplied by the Defense Dept. If you don't already have one use the form on this site to apply and wear it proudly.
  • If your loved one died in Afganistan or Iraq or their related activities, or if you have sons or daughters serving now, you may display the appropriate service flag at your home or business.

Ruth feels this is a great way to increase awareness of the service and sacrifice of our sons and daughters in the military and encourages you to get a Gold Star Family license plate and display it proudly.

All states have some kind of Gold Star license plate. Get one for your state.

Gov. Rendell Signs Gold Star Family License Plate Bill

Governor Rendell addresses Gold Star Families accompanied by Ruth Stonesifer, President of the Dept of Pennsylvania, American Gold Star Mothers. Ms Stonesifer is the mother of Kristofor Stonesifer and the originator of the Gold Star Family license plate legislation.
Ruth Stonesifer presents Gov. Rendell with a Gold Star Mother statue by Andrew Chernak. The statue is a miniature of the full size statue recently installed in Kent NY.

Gov. Rendell signs bill with Gold Star Families in the background. Front row left to right Betty Serian, Deputy Secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Ruth Stonesifer, originator of the legislation, Gov. Rendell, Major General Jessica Wright, Adjutant General of Pennsylvania.
Ruth Stonesifer is presented the first Gold Star Family license plate by Gov. Rendell.

Gov Rendell talks with some of the Gold Star Families before the signing.

Gov Rendell talks with some members of the Philadelphia chapter of American Gold Star Mothers.

The Governor addresses the audience and press. 

Ruth Stonesifer presents Gov Rendell with a Gold Star Mother statuette. The statuette is a replica of one
recently installed in Putnam County NY and was made by Andrew Chernak of Pennsylvania.

Gov Rendell presents Ruth Stonesifer with the first Gold Star Family Plate. The gold star at the left
is rimmed in blue as is the star on the service flag.